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Malak Haute Couture




Malak Haute Couture


Reactjs, Figma, Nextjs, SanityCMS, TailwindCss

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I partnered with a local traditional dress stylist to give her outdated website a fresh, modern look that reflects her unique brand. The revamped site is now visually captivating, loads quickly, and perfectly showcases her exceptional pieces, elevating her online presence.


The project involved addressing key challenges with a WordPress website, including performance issues, an outdated design, and suboptimal SEO. The website suffered from slow loading times and lacked visual appeal. To overcome these obstacles, the project aimed to optimize performance, revamp the design to reflect the client's brand identity, and implement SEO best practices. The ultimate goal was to transform the website into a fast, visually captivating, and search engine-friendly.

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The solution involved developing a custom-built static website with Tailwind CSS for rapid design iterations and Next.js for a performant, accessible, and SEO-friendly web experience. To optimize loading times, gallery images were lazily loaded.

For content management, I seamlessly integrated Sanity.io as a Headless CMS, leveraging its compatibility with Next.js Static Page Generation. Data content was retrieved from Sanity at build time using Graph-Relational Object Queries, allowing Next.js to export each page to static HTML. This eliminated the need to fetch data from an API on each request.

In terms of hosting, Netlify was chosen due to its user-friendly nature and minimal configuration requirements, providing a hassle-free deployment process.

Gallery Image for Malak Haute Couture
Gallery Image for Malak Haute Couture
Gallery Image for Malak Haute Couture
Gallery Image for Malak Haute Couture
Gallery Image for Malak Haute Couture


Compared to the old website, Not only I did decrease load time, but the design also made a personal impression on the visitors, lifting up the brand experience and communicating the level of care and craftsmanship that malak haute couture put into every single product.


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